Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hey Jude

The hubby and I were supposed to leave for Las Vegas the Monday following Thanksgiving for a work/relaxation getaway. My hubby had a work conference and he so kindly offered to bring me along to get away and just relax for a few days. I looked so forward to very simple things on this trip. I couldn't wait to spend alone time with my husband (when he could), be all by myself sometimes, work out without a schedule, in a gym, without a babysitter, nap, take silly amounts of time to bathe and dress, and to eat great food that I didn't cook! I got to do these things, and it was a great trip,  but it did start with a stop by Target to get a pregnancy test because I was about 5 days late, I bought 2. Take one... Negative. So I patiently waited until the last day there and went for take two...also negative. Even though these tests were negative I remained cautious with my activities: no suana, no wine, no sushi! I was getting a little apprehensive that something much less exciting than a baby was lurking. When we got home, I booked an appointment at the OBGyn, they did the typical blood test one day and return for re-test exactly 48 hours later to check my levels. My levels revealed a very early pregnancy, but they wanted a sonogram to check to make sure it was developing in the right way. Finally, complete confirmation that we were pregnant! I explained to my doctor that I would be transferring care to a Midwife, and she was very supportive.

We were now perusing a whole new world, and a completely different way of doing things! I had done a tour of a birthing center when I was expecting Jacob so this place stuck out in my mind. Upon looking into this center and the midwife, I found that they were on the list of in network providers through our insurance. We went to a tour again. I was in love. I felt at home. I absorbed everything around me, the homey atmosphere, the other sweet mothers there to explore this way of doing things, and of course the lovely midwife. There are two midwives at the practice, and both happened to be there, one, just for a moment as she was on call that night. They were both perfect and I was getting very giddy about the whole thing. We had the tour and she used one of the mothers present for a mock birth scenario. I happened to be the one. We giggled through the whole thing, but I felt such a peace because I could see it. I could see myself, not simply lying in bed, but moving from place to place exploring what eased my pain and tension the most. I could see my partner doing what he could for me and loving me through the whole experience, until the moment when our precious one arrived. She asked what we were considering for a boy name, we had just recently settled lightly upon Jude, so she used that. She painted a beautiful picture of how Jude might come into the world, and it felt exactly the way it should be. It sounded perfect when she said that Jude snuggled into my arms nursed perfectly. I went home that night estatic about the road ahead and confident that if we had a boy, his name would be Jude.

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